The best bike path in Italy… hanging over the lake!
Biking is one of the frontiers of tourism development fastest growing in Europe, and even Italy is working to upgrade its offer to the high level of the most modern European places. Actually, the realization of the brand new bike path at Lake Garda is certainly the most important project and it will be implemented shortly. Regarding the landscape, the greatest point of interest will be the path that will communicate Limone del Garda to Riva del Garda. In this stretch, the bike path will be hanging literaly over the lake, a spectacular scenery that will allow cyclists to “fly” with their bikes over the water of the lake! The path will be made of wooden planks put on a steel frame that will wind through the ridge of the mountains overlooking the lake. The track will be a part of the wider European network of interconnected cycle paths. So, stay tuned!

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