Natale 2018

Come? […] pranzare in casa? | Pranzare in casa è male | oggi ch’è la vigilia di Natale! | Mentre il Quartiere Latino le sue vie | addobba di salsicce e leccornie? | Mentre un olezzo di frittelle imbalsama | le vecchie strade? È il dì della vigilia! | Là le ragazze cantano contente | […]


lake garda special offer direct reservation

BEST PRICE GUARANTEED! Book your stay directly here on our website, there is a special prepaid non-refundable rate which guarantees you an exclusive 5% reduction on the official rate!!! Here you are what you have to do: 1. in the website Home Page, or in the page Accommodation, choose your arrival and departure dates and […]

The best bike path in Italy… hanging over the lake!

the best bike tour at lake garda

The best bike path in Italy… hanging over the lake! Biking is one of the frontiers of tourism development fastest growing in Europe, and even Italy is working to upgrade its offer to the high level of the most modern European places. Actually, the realization of the brand new bike path at Lake Garda is […]

Spring golf package at lake Garda

gardagolf country club

… forget top, slice and socket! Lake Garda is one of the best place to play golf in Italy, a real paradise for the lovers of this stylish and amazing sport. And spring, with its explosion of colours, scents and its mild climate, is the perfect season to play. Based at Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge, […]