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The home-made delicacies

The tasteful experience of a vacation at Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge continues with an exclusive selection of home-made delicacies prepared with the fresh and genuine ingredients from the inner fattoria, the farm of the lodge, and the local vegetable garden: packed in refined boxes, marmalades, sauces, cold cuts and cheeses will renew the pleasure of a scented, flavoured tradition of genuineness. The attentive and passionate care for the precious Bruna cows is the true, key ingredient to obtain flavoured meats and exclusives cheeses. Marine salt, natural flavours and the unique combination of the thin air of this location on Garda lake, halfway between water and mountains, naturally enhance the fragrant, delicate taste of the fresh vegetables, picked up only at the right time of the season from the garden of the farmhouse and enriched with a touch of the purest extra virgin olive oil of Garda olive-trees.
An exclusive selection of jams, preserves, meat sauces and pickled vegetables, both sweet and savoury, put up in elegant glass jars, rigorously home-made and free from any synthetic preservative, will keep the memory of a tasty moment of true hospitality and “buon vivere” experienced at Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge. You’ll find the traditional ragù meat sauce as well as the milk custard, the pickled vegetables and the fruit jams for your genuine breakfast. At Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge, the passion for taste knows no boudaries. The farm vegetable garden, with its organically nourished soil, supplies the restaurant with aubergines, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, basil, leeks, aromatic herbs, cucumbers and so on. They are processed exclusively by hand, using timing and methods which allow to maintain the natural colours and aromas without any chemical preservatives, thickening agents or antioxidants but using the sole addition of extra-virgin Garda olive oil, sugar and white wine vinegar.

The cheese made with the milk of the Bruna breed cows of the farm

At the lodge farm, the well-being of the 25 Bruna breed cows is the priority. They are raised on select hay, alfalfa and corn meal. The resulting milk is high in fat and protein content and delicious tasting. For processing the cheese, the milk is taken directly after milking, raw and non-pasteurized, so as to preserve the goodness of Alto Garda park natural pastures. The caciotta cheese, available in moulds weighing about 1 kg and a half each, are aged at least 4 months and have a soft, yet compact, texture with a well-defined, fragrant taste. The more aged moulds, instead, are left for at least 8 months before ready for tasting. They weigh about 8 kg and have a strong and pleasing taste of milk.

Traditional cold cuts and cured meat

Twice a year, at the farm, the family Gnes select about 10 piglets (Large White breed) from a trustworthy breeder which they then raise outdoors in the fresh air of Alto Garda Park. As for beef and cows, the piglets are raised on a totally natural diet of corn meal and vitamin supplements and, when ready for butchering, they are processed into traditional salami, sausages, bacon and ham (both types, raw as well as baked), using only sea salt and a pinch of saltpetre for preservation. No additives, antioxidants or gluten derivatives are used, but only a hint of garlic, spices or light smoking. And only natural casings, which are tied up by hand and aged slowly.

Gift boxes

Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge pampers its guests with a selection of exclusive delicacies to be composed in refined packagings and gift boxes according to customers’ tastes: cheese, cold cuts and the special home-made sweet and savoury preserves packed according to any request and purchasing budget; delivery at home can be required as well. Download our brochure

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