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One day at Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge

The taste of a warm hospitality and the beauty of nature in charming Eco Suites in the middle of Parco Alto Garda, so close to the lake shore

Nestled in the heart of alpine forests of the Parco Alto Garda, a short walk from the mediterranean Riviera and the lakeside, Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge – Charming Farmhouse welcomes its guests, with a warm and relaxed atmosphere, in 16 full-comfort bedrooms and suites lying in the middle of nature and silence. Animals bred with care and passion in the inner farm make Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge a true authentic farmhouse and provide the restaurant of the estate organic products, as meat from selected cattle, fresh milk from Bruna cows and eggs. Cold cuts and cheese are hand-made and do not contain preservatives or additives. The fresh vegetables from the garden are grown with full respect of the seasons and the land. So the healthy, natural and tasty farm products become the main ingredients of daily proposals of the à la carte restaurant, open to non-residents guests as well, where you can enjoy the home-made dishes cooked with careful care of the conviviality of a family lunch. A refined care to be found as well in the exclusive selection of home-made delicacies, precious gifts to take home to prolong a moment of authentic taste.
6.24 The awakening of the farm

An authentic farmhouse – with a real farm! – where animals are bred with care, passion and true respect. The day starts early, around 6 am, when the 25 Brown Swiss cows, representing the heart of Il Bagnolo farm, eagerly await to be milked. While fresh milk is heated in the kitchen before being served to guests for breakfast, for the cattle it’s time for the first meal of the day. The young calves are fed only from the fresh milk of cows, while the beef are particularly greedy of hay and alfalfa. The cute pink pigs are always very hungry, as well as bunnies and poultry. Meanwhile, the day goes on and it’s necessary to take care of the vegetables in the garden, as well as to do maintenance of the large forest, so useful for the precious firewood. Just the time to mow the lawn to perfection and is already evening again, ready for the second milking. And for a good, deserved night’s sleep!

8.35 An healthy and genuine breakfast

At Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge, a good day starts in the morning. At breakfast, the freshest ingredients, skilful preparation and traditional recipes satisfy every palate, with homemade cakes and country bread, baked in the early morning and smeared with a generous spoonful of house jam. In the sunlit veranda, overlooking the lawn, it spreads the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the smile of the hosts turns the morning on a good day.
10.45 Taking care of the vegetable garden

No forcing, no sophistication, only passion, hard work and a deep respect for the natural cycle of the seasons and the land. A good land, fertilized only with natural and mature manure from farm cows. A generous land, which offers every year its delicious fruits: eggplant, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, leeks, cucumbers, basil and fragrant herbs. Vegetables, particularly during the summer season, have a very important role in the proposals of the restaurant cuisine, in the form of fresh appetizers, sauces for fresh pasta or tasty side dishes. In addition, garden vegetables are used to prepare Il Bagnolo tasty jars to take away to prolong the pleasure of the palate even at home. Vegetables are processed entirely by hand, with particular times and methods. They maintain color and fragrance and become delicious preserves. Jars are made without any thickening agent, antioxidant or chemical preservative, only with the addition of extra virgin Garda olive oil, sugar and/or white wine vinegar. That’s another reason why Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge is a real, environmentally sustainable, farmhouse.  

15.20 Welcome to the guests

A road up on the hills, almost mountains, where the air becomes lighter and the stunning views of the blue lake appears among the hedges and cypresses; the last stretch of road, shaded by oaks that line the path, smells of the woods and flowers. The look of the guests who come to Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge is taken by the beauty of the landscape below, which embraces the entire gulf of Salò, the Manerba Rock, the island, down to Sirmione. Halfway between the lake and the mountains, and only 8 km from Salò and Gardone Riviera, on the crest of a hill in the heart of the Alto Garda Park, the unique location of Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge offers fantastic landscapes over the green valleys and the lake Garda. The welcome of the property owners, the family Gnes, is warm, friendly, sincere and it greets guests as long-awaited friends to share happy moments with, in the tradition of a family hospitality that, since three generations, takes care and promotes this special place with the passion and the refined simplicity of those who loves to be among friends.
17.30 Living outdoor, to find the contact with nature

The sun is beginning to set-up over the ridge of the hill, the temperature is going to be cooler with the arrival of the evening: the late afternoon is the perfect time to get back to Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge after a day of trekking, hiking and walking in the Alto Garda Park, along routes that explore the hills, the woods, the paths between the blue lake and the mountains. Lake Garda, in fact, is not only beaches and lemon trees. The rocks that fall vertically into the lake come from a direct-rugged mountains, whose peaks up to 2,000 meters are literally reflected in the water. “I live in an ever-green garden on the shore of the lake, and this nature gives me back the happiness”, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in a letter in 1880, during a stay at lake Garda. And this is the feeling that still test along the trails of the park, which stretches between the green mountains and the blue of the lake, in a landscape that gives peace of mind.

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20.15 It’s time for dinner

The atmosphere at dinner at Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge is relaxed and intimate, it invites to laughter and conviviality. On summer evenings, when the light hilly altitude gives a mild and temperate climate, you eat al fresco under the white gazebo or in the veranda, overlooking the panorama of lake Garda. If you are lucky, after dark late at night you can admire the copper-colored full moon, when it appears to be falling into the water. During the cooler season, however, your table is set in the cozy dining room, heated by wood that lively crackling in the fireplace. The cuisine at Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge is simple and refined at the same time. The quality of the food is guaranteed by the exclusive “zero meters” ingredients that come from the property farm, by a careful process always respectful of the nature cycles. You find also a selection of local ingredients and wines from small producers, which aim to enhance a territory so rich in terms of biodiversity. Eating at Il Bagnolo offers a multisensory experience of taste, aromas, scents that the magical setting becomes a true moment of good living.
22.50 Sweet dreams

A starry sky so clear and close that it seems you can touch it, the scent of the forest, the warm air of a summer evening, the quiet of the hills, interrupted only by the chirping of crickets: at late evening, Il Bagnolo Eco Lodge infuses a unique sweetness and it gives a moment of deep wellness which is a prelude to a night of quiet, rest and silence. Enjoy the view and the wonder of nature, comfortably seated on the balcony of one of the charming bedroom, sipping a glass of wine, waiting for bedtime on beds soft and warm like a hug. And, at the end of an intense day, collapsing in a regenerative sleep, dream, dream …

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